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Faculty in the News

Image for "Natives" versus "Indigenous": Filipinos
Oct. 13, 2021. "The messianic complex of colonialism continues today with how indigeneity is understood by many laypersons [in the Philippines]," writes Center for Southeast Asian Studies Director Stephen Acabado in Rappler, with co-authors Marlon Martin and Georgina Lumauig.
The op-ed examines the impact of Spanish colonialism and U.S. imperialism on the self-identity of Filipinos, noting, "The reference to the term indigenous should be more of empowerment rather than historical since the latter makes it pejorative."
Image for The Fight Against China
Oct. 5, 2021. "Ultimately, the Biden administration needs to weigh whether and when U.S. courts ought to be employed to solve what is chiefly a foreign policy problem. It may be the case that diplomatic olive branches—rather than prosecutorial arrows—are more effective in encouraging foreign leaders to reject [China's Belt and Road Initiative] bribes," writes Burkle Center Director Kal Raustiala in Foreign Affairs with co-author Nicholas Barile.
Image for Ali Behdad interviewed about Afghan Scholars at Risk
Sep. 9, 2021. “[Afghan scholars] are facing tremendous repression and possibly expulsion from universities,” said Center for Near Easern Studies Director Ali Behdad to Los Angeles-based NPR affiliate KCRW. “I think that scholarship and scientific inquiry are, by definition, secular practices.” Behdad is leading the effort to help fund visiting scholar positions for Afghans at UCLA.
Image for James Gelvin discusses ongoing crisis in Afghanistan
Aug. 27, 2021. In an interview with KTLA (Los Angeles), UCLA historian James Gelvin discusses the U.S. withdrawal and the major players on the ground in Afghanistan, including the Taliban, ISIS Khorosan, al-Qaeda and local militias.