UCLA Global Partnerships
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  •  Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) (9/6/2016-9/5/2021)
  •  University of the Philippines Manila (6/10/2016-6/9/2021)
  •  Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris (2/22/2016-12/30/2020)
  •  UCLA Japan Center Foundation (6/16/2016-6/15/2017)
  •  Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP) (6/23/2016-6/22/2020)
  •  Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (6/9/2016-6/10/2021)
  •  University Francois-Rabelais of Tours (4/27/2015-4/26/2020)
  •  Doshisha University (2/21/2015-2/20/2020)
  •  National Institute for Biomedical Research (9/10/2015-9/9/2020)
  •  Kinshasa School of Public Health (8/17/2015-8/16/2020)

Global Partnerships

UCLA’s global mission focuses on developing new knowledge and understanding of a world that is increasingly diverse and interconnected, preparing our students for this complex world, and fulfilling our public mission across borders.

International engagement is pivotal to UCLA’s vision as a 21st-century global university, as seen in our partnerships with 200 institutions in 50 countries, the teaching of over 9,500 international students annually from 124 countries, our ties to more than 6,000 overseas alumni, and the over 2,000 UCLA students who study abroad each year.


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